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In which Cziltang attempts to account for December

Long-time Ratlands readers (yes, there are a couple of them out there, and one or two aren’t related to me…) know that I  don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  I have always figured that if something is important enough for you to resolve to do, you might as well start doing it when you decide to do it instead of waiting for a day which for all intents and purposes is a chronological happenstance, dependent on an arbitrary orbital position of the rock on which we live in relation to the Sun.  I also don’t do “year in review” reminiscing and I sure as hell don’t do predictions.  So, instead of any of the things one might reasonably expect to find in a post on New Year’s Eve, what you get is a lame rationalization for where I’ve been for the last month.

One of the things I’m particularly bad at, is allowing myself to get lulled into a stance of waiting for things to settle down.  Now, at age 53, having a certain amount of life experience, being mostly unemployed, and going to school more or less full time, one would think that I would realize that “things settling down” is approximately as likely as the chance that our moral and intellectual superiors in the political class will put on their big boy pants, exercise some fiscal responsibility, and balance the budget.

I spent the first couple of weeks of December finishing up my semester projects, studying for, and taking finals.  Added into the mix, Mom’s broken leg had healed well enough that the folks got to leave the nursing home.  Well enough to come home and well enough to be completely self-sufficient aren’t exactly the same thing, so the Head Rat, the dog, and I went to stay with them.  At least that was the plan.  Unfortunately, I had all of the software I was using on my projects installed on my home computer, I had just installed Windows 8 on the laptop and hadn’t gotten it functioning up to snuff, and Dad (who has Alzheimer’s) couldn’t remember that I was studying for finals.  (Not his fault, and under normal circumstances, I don’t mind hearing about the election of 1936, or the drought years of ’36, ’37, and ’38, or the guys in his Army company in 1946 several times a day.)  The Head Rat eventually sent me home to study and she and Kali took care of the folks until I got through finals.

The uninterrupted study time paid off.  I did well on my finals.  Mom continued recovering and got to the point she could drive, Dad started doing better being in familiar surroundings and we came home when they went to Nebraska to see my niece graduate from college.  Things were settling down, then on Christmas Eve, Mom’s blood pressure dropped to 60/40.  She spent Christmas in the hospital and the Head Rat and I took turns staying with Dad.  Mom’s fine now (it ended up being a problem adjusting her blood pressure meds).

While she was in the hospital, Mom mentioned that she missed Rat Jr.  Dad mentioned (several times) that he didn’t think he’d get to set Rat Jr. again before he dies.  Of course, the Head Rat has been moping around about Jr. not being here for Christmas.  So, I scraped up the money for Jr. to get a plane ticket, and she’s now down here from Idaho for a couple of weeks.  Grandma is happy, Grandpa is happy, the Head Rat is happy, Kali was so happy to see her, she peed on the floor when Rat Jr. walked in the door.  And yes, I’m happy too.

So, it’s a quiet evening.  The Head Rat is watching one of the Resident Evil movies (not really my thing).  Rat Jr. is hanging out with her cousins.  I’m cleaning out browser tabs and killing Guild Wars Grentches.  I may even get another post or two written.  (That’s not a resolution, by the way…)

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