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Getting to know you

Well, school has started again.  I’ve got two online classes this semester in addition to my “on campus” classes.  One of the things I find truly fascinating about the online class experience is that the instructors insist on trying to develop something akin to a sense of community for each class.  Every semester, every class, it’s the same thing.  Introduce yourself.  Tell your “classmates” a little about yourself.  Like we’re all going to get together over coffee and become best buds or something.  Hell, I don’t even like to do the introduction thing in the “on campus” classes.  I’d rather watch and listen and figure out which of my classmates aren’t complete idiots before I expend any effort in conversation.

Still, I’m sort of required to at least appear like I’m willing to play nice with the other kids.  Here is my latest “Introduce Yourself” bulletin board post (certain details edited, of course).

Hi. My name is cziltang. I am cautious (to the point of paranoia) about posting personal information on publicly (or semi-publicly) accessible networks, probably due to spending 32 years working in halfway houses and work release centers. I’m installing house arrest ankle bracelets for a living while attending Ivory Tower College. My current interest is Database Administration (although, as my wife reminds me, my first degree started out to be in Wildlife Biology and ended up as a BA in Sociology, so who knows…) and an understanding of Information Security seems relevant.

This is my second semester at Ivory Tower College (this time around) and my second online class.  My hobby (apparently) is the gratuitous use of parenthetical statements.

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