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My Idea for a new Winter Sport

This is a team competition combining Snowboard Cross with Biathlon.

2 snowboarders and one shooter per team.  The shooter uses a paintball gun and gets one round only.  The shooter can set up anywhere on the course and can shoot either a snowboarder or another shooter.  If you’re hit, you’re out (shooter or boarder).  3 teams per heat, winner moves on.

Think about the possibilities for real-time tactics. Do you have one boarder hang back and break for it after some of the leaders get taken out?  Do you try to get both of your boarders to the front so you can take out another shooter, guaranteeing only one of your boarders can get taken out?  Where do you set up as the shooter to maximize your ability to take out either another shooter or a racer?

Look, it’s no stupider than Slopestyle.  I mean, really.  Who thought that one up?  Because scraping the bottom of your skis along a stair rail seems like such a good idea.

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