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I’ve had a couple of road jobs recently and have been contemplating the verities of the universe, the meaning of life, and other assorted very deep thoughts.  Well, that’s always what I plan to do on a road trip.  It usually doesn’t work out that way.

This week I wasn’t able to get my new winter sport out of my head.  I realized that other than the gun part, there really wasn’t a real tie-in to biathlon, but I think I’ve fixed that.

Stage One:  Each team had a biathlete compete in a regular biathlon competition (probably a 7.5k race with 2 trips to the range and penalty laps for missed targets).  The order of finish determines order of preference for shooting positions.

Stage Two:  6 sniper nests get set up at various points along the snowboard course.  In any heat, the team with the highest biathlon finisher gets first pick of the sniper nests, with the next highest getting second pick, and the lowest finisher getting last pick.  (i.e. if Team A, B, and C are in a heat and the shooter from A finished 5th in the biathlon, B finished 2nd, and C finished 4th, Team B’s shooter gets first pick of the sniper nests, Team C gets next pick, and Team A gets last pick).

Stage Three:  3 teams of 2 riders make the snowboard cross run and the snipers ( with only one paintball shot each) can either try to take out another team’s racer or another team’s sniper.  If you’re hit, you’re out.  First rider across the finish line without being shot wins for his or her team and they move on to the next round.

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