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Drugs are Like Shoes…

“Drugs are like shoes: everybody needs them, but they don’t always fit.”

I have no idea what that means.‡

The Head Rat has me watching Sense8 on Netflix.  Not one of my favorites (although, I have to admit it’s better when you see the first episode).  The quote is from the show.  I only mention it because I’m a fan of really good wordsmithing and great turns of phrase.

That said, I’d really rather not be watching Sense8, but she watched rugby and cricket earlier, so I can’t really complain (although I probably will, just to keep up appearances).  That, and I can play EVE Online while I’m sitting here.

‡Actually, I have a really good idea what it means. Not from personal experience, of course.

Update: (and there is a spoiler, of sorts, so if you want to watch Sense8 you know what not to do…)

So we’re still watching Sense8 and we get to the part where they steal the bag from the kid in Nairobi and the Head Rat starts asking questions, which end this way:

Head Rat:  So are they stealing his Mom’s medicine again or what?

Cziltang:  No, it’s a test.  The bag just has a couple of coconuts in it, and WHY THE HELL DO I KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR FAVORITE TV SERIES THAN YOU DO?

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