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A Viable Alternative

I lost all of my bookmarks several months ago when the best of my computers (yes, I have several, and a couple of them actually work) crashed.  Still haven’t had the time, money, or inclination to rebuild it or transfer the hard drives.  Anyway, one of the down-sides of using a blog feed aggregator is that you don’t actually visit the web sites; the aggregator imports the articles for you to read.  It’s all quite convenient and saves a lot of time if you read material from a lot of different sources.  It also means you (or at least I) read the material and pay less attention to the source.  And, paying less attention to the source means that when I crash my computer I can’t remember all the really cool websites I’ve been reading, especially the guys who post irregularly (who often have the best, most well thought-out material).

Slowly, over the last few weeks, I’ve been re-tracing my internet steps (so-to-speak) and re-discovering some of my favorites.  I’ve been taking my time, because every time I find an old favorite, I read the last two or three months of their posts to get a feel for what I’ve missed.  It takes a while.

Yesterday I found The Silicon Graybeard again.  Damn.

A month or so ago he posted this:

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