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Party Time

Well, boys and girls, it’s party time.¬† Time to celebrate Comrade Lenin’s birthday.

I’ve never actually found anyone who could confirm that Earth Day was deliberately¬† set up on Lenin’s birthday, but then, you really wouldn’t want the sheeple who recycle stuff that is not economically viable to recycle ( and therefore has to be subsidized) and who tingle all over at the thought of using renewable energy like wind power (without stopping to realize it has to be subsidized) and drool all over their “clean” electric cars (which also get subsidized and are primarily powered by coal, because that’s where most of your electricity comes from), to realize that the Environmental movement is just another system employed by people who are sure they are smarter and more enlightened than you, to make you live the way they think you should live.¬† For your own good, of course.

But hey, what’s a little Virtue Signalling amongst friends, right? So, party on…

As for me, I wouldn’t have participated in any of the festivities anyway (I’m anti-social like that), but I’ve been sick so the level of my active Vice Signalling non-participation was somewhat muted.¬† I did manage to bake sourdough bread this weekend and release some hydrocarbons into the atmosphere when I smoked some cheese.

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