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Stuff that you (should) want to read

Or: Stuff that you want to read if you’re not one of those Deplorables we right-thinking elite types keep hearing about.

Let me preface this by saying that this started out as a much, much longer post in which I ranted about the “Green/Socialist” mindset, Hollywood environmental and SJW preaching (aka “movies”), the arrogance of the free software Powers That Be, and half a dozen other items that seemed to fit naturally into the broader topic. When I started doing the extra background, I realized how long it was going to take me, and frankly, realized it would never (probably) get done. So.

Mozilla’s Firefox now has (and I’m going to be generous here) a feature called Pocket.  Instead of just leaving an article you want to read open in a tab in your browser or bookmarking it, you can save it  to your Pocket account so you can get it whenever you want it across all your formats (phone, ipad, etc.).  Pocket’s marketing department makes it sound really cool and really convenient.  (Which I guess it is, although I can achieve the same end by simply bookmarking something, and I don’t have to have an account.)

Also from Pocket are their recommendations.  Or, as they say: “The most interesting stories on the web, selected based on what you read. From Pocket, now part of Mozilla.”  Except, as you learn if you follow the “how it works” link, only some users are included in the personalized selections test, the rest get the selections that Pocket thinks are the most interesting.  And guess which end of the political spectrum all of the “most interesting” stories come from?  (By the way, if you guessed anything other than “left”, you are an idiot.)

In fairness, the tech and hard science stories are often pretty decent, if relatively rare.

The rest pretty much seem to be “small-market, local TV, feature-piece quality” crap (which I have to assume is what’s being taught in Journalism school since the links often lead to “respectable” publications like the NYTimes).  Of course, it is possible that it’s just a coincidence that the few articles I have read are the only ones that are part heart-wrenching anecdote, part tangentially-related statistics, some even more tangential (but apparently obligatory) SJW talking points (why else would you neglect to mention cause of death in an article about Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s suicides‡ while slipping in the “need” for gun control), and, of course, the obligatory part where you call for more of someone else’s money to be spent fixing the problem.  Yes, it is possible it’s just a coincidence…

For what it’s worth, Mozilla does allow you to hide or remove the Pocket recommendations section.

Also for what it’s worth, I’m switching to Brave.  Until they turn the browser into something other than a really fast browser that blocks ads and trackers…

‡They both hanged themselves, in case you didn’t know. Bourdain used the belt from his hotel bathrobe.  I’m waiting for the Brits to propose “belt control” soon.

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