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Still Waiting

So, apparently, I do not have the plague. I changed my contact information with the folks doing the testing so the notification would come to the email account I have on my phone. Started checking it late last night, because I had been told by someone who had the test a couple of days ago that the turnaround time on results was getting down to 12 hours or so. Anyway, I started checking. Nothing. I got up this morning. Still nothing. On a whim, I logged on to my computer to check the email I had previously given them.

Sure enough, even though my contact information clearly lists my new email address, the notification was sent to my old email address. I guess I shouldn’t complain. I figured it out in less than 24 hours.

So now we are waiting for a locksmith. The Head Rat and I have torn the place apart over the last 2 days looking for my truck keys. When you start looking in the freezer and the cat box you are basically out of ideas. Hence the call to the locksmith.

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