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Americana, pt. 1

I’m hoping to make this a regular feature here at the Ratlands. OK, it’s not catblogging, but I find these little pieces of Americana fascinating, and perhaps a bit more so as they are bits of my family history.

First up is the Army Song Book.


This belonged to my Grandfather. He entered the Army in 1918. He trained at Camp Funston (now known as Fort Riley) here in Kansas. He was to have been in a group of reinforcements for the 1st Infantry Division. Although I never asked him about it, family tradition says he was somewhere on the east coast, ready to ship out to Europe when the Armistice was signed, and therefore never left American soil.

(More pictures below the break)

Inside the front cover


The first song in the book is the Star Spangled Banner. This is on the facing page.


Finally, mixed in after America, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, Columbia the Gem of the Ocean, etc. we come to La Marseillaise, God Save the King, The Garibaldi Hymn, and La Brabanconne (the Belgian National Anthem).


La Brabanconne is still the Belgian National Anthem. Strangely enough, the Garibaldi Hymn is not the Italian National Anthem. According to Wikipedia (yes, I know, it’s Wikipedia) it has never been the Italian national anthem. Something I’ll have to check into later.

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