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From the Martha Stewart School of Medicine

Since it was in the comments of a thread from a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would bring this story from regular commenter Ken up to the top:

How ’bout ’splainin’ this one… A guy goes
in for a routine eye exam with complaints of double vision. The Doc
tells his patient that the double vision isn’t caused by anything being
wrong with the guy’s eyeballs but, because double vision is an early
symptom of Myasthenia Gravis, lab work is ordered to rule that out.
After a visit to Vampyra, and some obligatory waiting for test results,
the guy gets a call from his PCP’s office with the following

“Your test results came back negative… you are not allergic to Latex.”

When the guy points out that the blood work was done to rule out
Myasthenia Gravis, rather than a potential for an allergic reaction to
Latex, the medical professional’s response (after a brief pause) is: ”
Well… the test results came back negative so, I guess you don’t have
that either.”

I’m beginning to wonder if the “medical arts and sciences” hasn’t made
a radical shift to the “medical arts and crafts” in my (uh… in this
guy’s) wacked-out little corner of the world.

Not that it adds anything noteworthy to the discussion, but I
was raised to have a deep and abiding respect for doctors, nurses and
other medical professionals. However, of late, it has dawned on me that
some of these folks were probably C students. I’m having a bit of
trouble reconciling myself to the possibility that my health is in the
hands of someone who got 70% right.

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