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Feastus Interruptus

The BLT’s got interrupted at the “got the tomatoes peeled but the bacon is only half done” stage.  Rat Jr. was involved in a fender-bender and called for help.  Nobody got hurt.  Rat Jr’s truck sustained a broken turn signal cover – the light didn’t even get broken.  But, we had to go down to the local police station to make the accident report.

Folks, they haven’t printed or minted enough money to get me to be a police officer.  It isn’t the danger, the chance of death or anything like that.  It is the having to listen to completely irrational idiots who are stamping their feet because someone bothered them and you won’t immediately go arrest them, so then they embellish the story to include crack pipes and are completely incensed that now you won’t go arrest them, all the while knowing that if you were to have arrested the foot stomper on someone else’s say so they would be screaming “police brutality” and “false arrest” and “lawsuit” like nobody’s business.

And, you have to be polite while doing it.


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