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The “Let’s talk about Musical Themes across… Oh look, there’s a kitty!” Friday Random Ten

Imparting meaning to random events after the fact is a human trait. While it might be tempting to believe my MP3 player is somehow in cosmic collusion with the universe to produce a playlist that is just as scattered and unfocused as I feel today at the tail end of something vaguely resembling a week’s vacation, I have to remind myself:


1. Think Twice – Groove Armada

2. But Not Tonight – Depeche Mode

3. Choctaw Bingo – James McMurtry

4. Terrapin Station – Phil Lesh and Friends

5. Fast Enough for You – Phish

6. Headless – Joe Satriani

7. Two Trains – Lowell George

8. Casanova 70 – Air

9. Harry Flowers – William Orbit

10. Pan American – Yonder Mountain String Band

By the way, I remember some comedian doing the whole “oh look at the kitty” bit in reference to our current president several years ago. Two points if anyone can tell me who it was. This isn’t a quiz. I don’t know the answer. I have in my mind it was Dana Carvey, but I don’t really know.

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