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More stuff I wish I’d written

A complete post from SDA:

Examining The Mechanisms Underpinning The Increased Demand For Food Banks In Affluent Societies: An Essay In 7 Words

If you build it, they will come.

The linked article is interesting.  It makes the point that “free” food is anything but, and that it is in fact, considerably more expensive than “regular” food.  Add in the costs of maintaining parallel storage and distribution facilities for starters, plus the value of the volunteer labor (if the organization isn’t managed by “professionals”) and it becomes obvious that it would cost a lot less just to give the needy the money to buy the food.

But, of course we can’t do that.  They can’t be trusted to spend the money on food.  (If you read the comments on the linked article, someone offers a very interesting and apparently workable alternative.)

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