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In which Cziltang explains a one month absence (or not)

Mostly not, I’d guess.

One of the problems associated with taking an extended break is that it is hard to know where to start when you return.  I feel like I have both everything and nothing to say.  So here’s the short version and then maybe I can start fresh:

Death, Alzheimers, Illness, weird skin lesion, Pre- Empty Nest Syndrome, Work, Holidays and attendant shopping rituals, Homelessness, Smoked Cheese, Politics and attendant depression, Government officials whose current buzzword is “sustainability”, ice storm, snow storm and insomnia, not all in that order and not all to me.

Oh yeah, and Rat Jr. invited a bunch of people I don’t know to my house for New Year’s Eve.

(There, I feel better now.  How about you?)

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