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Reinterpreting events

Well, I’m back inside.  I’ve called the body shop and should be able to get the Juniormobile fixed (at least enough that it’s safe to travel) in the next few days.  I swear my decision to punt on the repairs was not a function of the fact that it is beginning to snow.

So.  I decided not to try to do the bodywork.  Let’s engage in a little historical revisionism about the events of the morning.  (Generally a pointless exercise and besides, it’s sort of like George Carlin talking about watching video of stuff you just did:  “How can you be nostalgic about a concept like ‘a little while ago'”.  My apologies if that isn’t an exact quote.)

Bare facts: I looked at the Juniormobile’s fender and decided that I would pay someone else to do it.  I was going to do it myself; what just happened?

  1. It could be that I realized that fixing the car myself was not part of God’s plan for my life and that once I got past my ego and listened, God made apparent to me that I should have someone else do the work.  (This explanation would be more likely if I had actually prayed about it.)
  2. After clearing my mind, I got in tune with the oneness of the cosmos and realized that I should just go with the flow and flow that puppy on down to the bodyshop.
  3. It could be that after analyzing the situation in the light of day I realized that I have neither the skill nor the tools to do the job and made a rational decision to pay for the labor of someone who has both.
  4. It could be that I’m just lazy and would rather cough up a couple hundred bucks than get out there and do some actual work.  In the snow.

Feel free to choose the explanation that suits your worldview best.  I’m pretty sure the Head Rat has opted for #4.  But then, she had plans for the couple hundred dollars…

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