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Exceedingly strange

I usually work on New Year’s Eve.  This year I’m not.  I don’t go to parties.  This year I am.  A very strange end to a very strange year.

In fairness, I’m not actually going to a party (I wouldn’t want to be out on the road on Amateur Night).  The party is coming to me.  Rat Jr. is having a combination New Year’s Eve/Getting the Hell out of Dodge party, complete with black and red flowers and a black and red cake.  My contribution was a batch of smoked cheese, including smoked Velveeta which was made into queso dip.

Having a bunch of people I don’t know milling around in my apartment wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s a big deal for Rat Jr. so we’re going to do it.

And as for all of you out there, as the (fake) Chinese proverb says:

May you live in interesting times and be noticed by important people.

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