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Canary in a Coal Mine

No, this isn’t a reference to a Police song.

When I got home tonight I found all the windows open and the Head Rat curled up in a ball on the bed, crying.  (It was about 40 degrees outside.)  At some point in the afternoon she had tried to cook some eggs and forgot to turn off the burner.  After some time, there was enough smoke in the apartment that it killed her parakeets.  After she realized what the problem was, she tried to air out the house and revive them, but it was too late.

On the down side, she really liked her birds and even though she couldn’t hear them sing, she watched them and talked to them a lot.  She is very upset, what with Rat Jr. leaving home and taking 2 of the cats and now losing her birds.

On the up side, given that she did not see the smoke alarm go off, the birds probably saved her life.

I guess we are going to the pet store tomorrow after work.

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