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Try as I might to be productive on the weekends (and, truth be told, I don’t usually try all that hard), I usually end up doing something incredibly irresponsible, colossally stupid, or I just end up being monumentally lazy.  It is a stellar weekend, indeed, when I can manage to accomplish (for lack of a better word) all three.

I blew off most of Saturday watching soccer.  I didn’t really need to see Derby County lose to Tottenham Hotspur, but with a little effort, Derby County can have the record as the worst ever English Premier League team, and it always feels good to participate in something grand, even if only from a distance.

After that (and some other soccer matches) I went out to spend money I really don’t have on electronic gadgets, including an HDMI cable for the DVD player.

Today, the Head Rat decided it was time to re-arrange the living room, including all the electronic equipment.  Before the dust settled, we had swapped out the big TV to the bedroom, put the HD TV in the living room (I guess I really needed that HDMI cable, didn’t I) moved every piece of furniture on the ground floor and managed to each damage an arm, shoulder, knee or ankle in the process.

It wasn’t a total waste.  We did spend half an hour on family communication.  There’s something that’s just wrong about the Head Rat IMing Rat Jr (currently at the Ratlands Cultural Outreach Mission in Idaho) while I provide technical support (the IM client has a tendency to drop the connection and the Head Rat gets flustered trying to figure out how to get it back) and talk to my Mother in South Texas while we pass messages between the conversations.

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