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Of blunders, both tactical and strategic

It has been said that there are two classic blunders*:

1.  Never get involved in a land war in Asia
2.  Never go in against a Sicilian when death in on the line

To this, I can add:

3.  Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach

And, the most serious blunder of all:

4.  Never take the Head Rat grocery shopping when she has an empty stomach.

We visited the Great Satan of American Retail** a couple of nights ago.  It took both far more time than it would have taken had I gone alone and far less time than it could have, had the “you’re spending too much money” alarm bell not gone off in my head as soon as it did.  We actually didn’t buy anything that was hopelessly unnecessary, but I’m not sure we’ve ever had quite that much frozen food in our freezer.  Ever.

Still, it probably isn’t all that surprising.  We are still re-defining how we live and how we eat now that Rat Jr. isn’t here.  She did a lot of cooking and, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say, a lot of “fetching the burgers”.  We still haven’t established a new routine (not that routine is one of my strong suits).

I also finished watching the Cowboy Bebop series recently. The last episodes (well, I guess maybe all of them, actually) are about finding one’s place, finding where one belongs, doing what one is meant to do.  It seems to me that the notion of belonging is central to the cognitive dissonance we are experiencing.  The place we belong isn’t the same place it was and the “belongingness” doesn’t quite fit.

Well, I guess that was just hopelessly pretentious.  I’ve often said that an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.  Like we’re the only parents who have ever felt a bit disjointed when the kids leave home.  At any rate, I would probably have felt better about the whole thing if I had gone downstairs and microwaved some delicious fruits of someone else’s labors.

* from The Princess Bride
** Wal-Mart, of course

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