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Now here’s a thought

The first time I took my Ruger SP101 to the range I wore a large blister on my hand between the thumb and index finger after 80 rounds.  And, between a touch of arthritis and some old tendon damage, I also have a bit of trouble controlling the gun after 40 or so .357 rounds.  I like the gun a lot, and over a short period of time, that probably wouldn’t be an issue. Still, a .50 caliber cartridge has a lot of stopping power, but if you can’t control the gun enough to hit the target, you might as well be shooting rubber bands.  During a long day at the range, the same seems to be true for me and the .357.

Kim du Toit offers up a possible remedy for the problem:  the new .327 Federal Magnum.  The salient point of his discussion is that the .327 develops slightly less ft/lbs of energy that comparable .357 cartridges and produces around half the recoil.


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