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Don’t try this at home

You’ve probably seen those TV shows where they smash, burn, or blow up stuff?  I don’t watch them regularly, but occasionally I’ll see one while I’m surfing the channels that catches my eye and then I start thinking, “wouldn’t it be cool to put a sledgehammer through my old TV” or some such nonsense.  In case you’ve ever thought about dropping an old 32 inch Sony Trinitron TV (the kind that is 2 1/2 feet deep because of the huge picture tube) down a flight of stairs, don’t.  As a public service, I’ve already tried it for you.

Actually, it was quite “unspectacular”.  My friend and I were on the stairs.  My grip gave out (perhaps something to do with that tearing sensation in the back of my wrist).  The television went tumbling end over end down the stairs, with a brief stop on top of one of my friend’s feet.  Thankfully, the tube and screen did not break (or not thankfully, if you are looking for a stunning visual image of a shattering TV with glass flying everywhere, etc.).  Other than the human collateral damage (and the fact that the TV doesn’t work now) we got off with only a couple of gouges in the wood of the stairs.

Like they say: Don’t try this at home.

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