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Some days are better than others

So I’ve had this headache all day long.  I have pulled muscles from moving kitchen appliances.  When I got home today the Head Rat was buying jewelry on the internet.  And yet, it’s been a pretty decent day.

This is my qualification test (the non-written part) for a concealed carry license.

I almost didn’t get qualified.  I’ve put at least 1500 rounds through my P89.  Never had a misfire.  Never had a jam.  Never had a problem with any of the varieties of cheap practice ammo I’ve put through it.  Until today.  I get to the range.  I’m on the firing line with the instructor.  I’m being very careful to go slow and not do something stupid in front of the instructor (who is a local cop I’ve met before).  I load the gun, prepare to shoot, aim and …  NOTHING.  The gun didn’t fire.  The slide is jammed.  I can’t eject the unfired bullet.  The instructor comes over and eventually we get the thing unloaded.

I try again.  Same thing.  I try a different magazine.  Same thing.  The instructor can’t figure it out.

He sends me out to talk to the gunsmith.  We go over everything.  He can’t see what the problem is.  By chance, there is a guy standing there who just happens to know that it is possible to get the P89’s slide spring seated wrong.  We take the gun apart.  He nudges the slide spring a fraction of an inch.  We put it back together, I take it back to the firing line and the result is the picture above.

I’ve cleaned the P89 a couple dozen times.  I’ve never had a problem after re-assembly.  According to this article:

When removing the slide spring from it’s notch in the barrel, pay attention to how and where it is seated so you can put it back in correctly… it’s hard to screw this up, but I’ve seen it done 🙂

I wish I had known this before my brain vapor-locked at the range.

Yup.  It was a good day.

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