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Some days are just weird

Well, here’s something you don’t get to do every day. I’ve spent the afternoon buying a phone for a deaf woman. The Head Rat decided she really wants to be able to text Rat Jr. So, after lobbying her for months about how much easier this would be than going through the relay service, she finally decided to give it a try. It took Rat Jr moving half a country away and 3 months of bitching about not being able to talk to her baby, but the Head Rat is now chained to a mobile phone just like the rest of us.

The odd thing is that she still needs to be able to use a relay service and the phone company has an IP relay service available. It comes with the internet package. So, the Head Rat can now read Ratlands from her phone. Actually, I was surprised. The phone renders the web page pretty well. It doesn’t show the sidebars and the header doesn’t render well, but the body of the site is just fine. It looks like there might be problems with big pictures, but since I don’t do too much of that, it looks decent.

I probably ought to think about a mobile-friendly version of Ratlands so all 4 of my regular readers can get their Ratlands fix on the fly.

Right. Look, I know who you are and I’m pretty sure none of you will be accessing this tripe from your phones.

Still, there are “mobile-friendly” indexing services. I might be able to increase traffic and become a big name amongst the libertarian-leaning mobile internet crowd…

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