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More Wierdness

We’re doing a major batch of painting and spring housecleaning this week.  My office has been a special kind of hell-hole.  I tend to accumulate a lot of “potentially useful” electronic stuff.  For example, In my office right now are two VCR’s, a DVR, two stereo receivers, three sets of computer speakers and enough cables, wires and connectors to completely re-stock a Radio Shack.  In order to clear most of that stuff out, I’ve moved the computer to the living room and am using the HD TV as a monitor.

Surfing the net from the couch is kind of cool, but it has been a pain getting it all set up, as the ‘puter doesn’t seem to like the combination of wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and wireless internet connection, all done via USB.  I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I’ll probably be posting from the couch for a week or so.

Or not.  I may get tired of all of this and move it back to the office and just try to work around it.  (Probably not a good idea, since I have some patching of sheetrock to do, which will entail quite a bit of sanding.)

I am looking forward to the nice dark green walls I will have when we’re done, however.  I just couldn’t resist choosing a paint color called “Tea Leaf Green”.

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