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A reminder why I don’t watch the news

Being home this week has afforded me the opportunity to watch the news.  I suppose I should do it more often, but I really don’t have the patience.  I kid the Head Rat about talking to the TV like they can really hear her, but I find  myself unable to refrain from yelling at the idiots who pass for journalists.

Today the talking heads were yapping about rising prices.  Apparently some congresscritters were having very public hearing so as to be seen being concerned about our well being.  The topic was, of course, rising oil and gas prices.  Some idiot had this great idea where we would stop buying oil to fill the National Reserve.  He seemed genuinely impressed by his claim that the lowering of demand that this would cause could lower the price of gas by two whole cents a gallon.

Weren’t we talking about ways to get people to use less gas a few months ago?  Weren’t all of our righteously environmentally and politically correct  bretheren whining about how we should find ways to force people  to reduce gasoline consumption?  Things like increasing  the price a dollar a gallon (when it was still below $3) through taxation?

Well, I’m pretty sure market forces are influencing people to use less gas.  Having the price close to $4 per gallon tends to do that.  Of course, like this, it’s no  good, because the government (as directed by the winning NGO’s and lobbyists) isn’t collecting a bunch of new tax money to spend on “appropriate” things.

You want to know how to lower the price of gas by over 18 cents per gallon, Mr. I’m So Concerned About the Plight of the Little People?  Repeal all Federal taxes on gasoline.  Simple.

But, no.  That would never occur to a congresscritter.  Interfering with the revenue stream just ain’t ever going  to even be a possibility.  Better to talk big about helping those who are suffering by 2 cents per gallon and then go after “Big Oil”.  Because making a profit is a bad thing.

Yeah, I know, Oil company profits are HUGE!   Yup.  And Oil company sales are huger.  Last time I checked, the profit margin for Big Oil was significantly less than the profit margin for the major players in the newspaper industry.  But, you don’t hear anyone talking about price gouging by Big News.  Nor do you hear about those other evil entities like Big Wheat, Big Rice, Big Corn, etc.

I think  I had a point to make when I started this, but I’ve forgotten what it was.  Maybe it was just a reminder to myself of why I shouldn’t watch the news.

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  1. rat jrNo Gravatar | April 26, 2008 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    I tried to watch the news in the Wells Fargo Bank while waiting for my Client to finish her bank business (she kind of old and therefore a little slow. So we were there for awhile). I don’t remember which channel they were on, but they were talking about gas and oil too. Aside from the election race that seems to be the only things on the news… Well and that Mormom compound down in Texas. There isn’t anything positive on the news anymore. Hence why I never watch it. At this point I want to shove potates in the presidental canidates’ mouths kick the oil companies and send all the Mormons from that compound “ranch” down there to jail. Of course there is still a lot of work to be done on my world domination front, but I am rather busy looking for a second job to be worried about my planning process at the moment.

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