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One more reason not to watch the news

Again today, I managed to see the local news. The big story today was something about how the station is doing a piece designed to help people with their resumes and job applications because it is so hard to find a job around here. You know how tough times are and how there just aren’t any jobs to be had.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, I was out at the local Wal-Mart today buying paint. While I was waiting for the shaker thing to mix it up, I got into a conversation with the department manager. He was telling me how short-handed his department is, how he is constantly interviewing, and how he just can’t find enough people to fill all his positions. Perhaps that’s because the unemployment rate here is about 4%.

Now I remember very little from the Econ 101 class I took in college 30 years ago, but I do remember that 4% unemployment is considered full employment because at any given time 4 out of 100 workers will have quit or been fired; normal job movement. Telling the local citizenry that jobs are hard to find without actually checking out the job market is either incredibly lazy or (gasp) politically motivated.

You know, apparently I am qualified to be a professional journalist. I am fully capable of just making stuff up without bothering to do any research or investigation or being bothered to find any sources.

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