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Shock and Awe

Well, OK, there’s not really any shock involved…

I live in a near constant state of awe of James Lileks.  Well, constant in the sense that it consumes my every waking hour except when I’m bothered by intrusions like my job, my family, the odd television program and contemplation of angst-producing metaphysical problems like “the meaning of life,” “balancing the checkbook,” “how do I get one of those cool-looking large knots in my tie without making the whole thing end up 3 inches above my navel.”  That still leaves 3 or 4 times a week.  Like now:

The Democrats have many mantras and slogans: “grim milestone,” “hopeless quagmire,” “culture of corruption,” and “Karl Rove’s dingo ate my baby.”  But for a while they’ve had one big overall slogan, dripping with gusto: “Together, America Can Do Better.”

Not will, or should, or must, but Can. It’s like saying “Together, Frenchmen can win a hot-dog speed eating contest.” Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, or that you’d want to watch. But it’s typical of modern politics – something vague and patriotic,  but not so patriotic it would unnerve a  Dixie Chick.

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