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An inoculation against Rainbows and Unicorns

Research shows that the more positive influences in our clients’ lives, the greater the chance that they will  not commit new crimes or have their probation revoked.  To that end, we send out letters to the people an individual client lists as being important in their lives (e.g. family, minister, friend) to invite them to get involved.  Occasionally, we run across a client (particularly younger clients) who really don’t have any positive influences.  Then there are clients who have been such complete shitheads that we have trouble finding positive influences.

We have a client who fits in the latter category.  He could only list one positive influence in his life.  Here is the actual response we got to our letter inviting this individual to get involved in the client’s program:


Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and tingly in the leg knowing that there are an army of activists, think tank wonks, sociologists and psychologists out there who think this client’s past behavior isn’t his own fault and that these so-called experts are sure that it was the fault of the client’s family, or schools, or community, or society in general, or unequal income distribution or something (anything, really) that removes all personal responsibility from the client.  And of course, they know how to fix it.  It just takes money.  Your money.

I’m pretty sure the guy who wrote this letter is of the opinion that he has already contributed enough.

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