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Our apartment building has about half the parking spaces assigned and the rest are open for 2nd cars and guests.  My space is directly in front of my apartment.  It’s no big deal really.  I used to park a ways down in an open space so the Head Rat could park in ours.  We’re talking maybe 50 ft. away.  Not something to get worked up about.

Anyway, last night and today we got just about enough snow to cover the pavement one flake thick and all of a sudden a number of folks who live here have gone snowblind and can’t remember where they are supposed to park.  When I got home tonight the guy who usually parks in the vacant space to the west of me was in my assigned space.  Like I said, no big deal. Still the thing I find fascinating about this is the parking amnesiacs are always the youngest residents of the complex.  Always.

So, there’s a guy parked in the space assigned to my apartment who is half my age and now can’t remember where he’s supposed to park, can’t read the numbers on the pavement under 1/8″ of snow, and all because he wanted to be 7′ closer to his door.

Reminds me of the folks I used to see out at the local university who would wait in their idling cars for 15 or 20 minutes to get a good parking space near the gym so they could go work out and then go for a run.

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