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Out of the loop. Getting old.

I admit I had absolutely no idea what an “underpants gnome” is/was.  I had to google for it. (Here.  I’ll save you the trouble.  Because that’s just the kind of guy I am.)  I only mention my woeful ignorance of pop culture because of this:

Obama is an underpants gnome. Step 1: Win the presidency. Step 3: Be a great president. This “stimulus” follows the same plan. Step 1: Spend money. Step 3: Economic growth. The presidency requires a lot of thought about Step 2, and this is a man who isn’t really interested in step 2.

(Via TJIC)

Also from the same source (Federalist Paupers):

But doesn’t this cut against Obama? Even Congressional Republicans think this spending is wasteful! It’s like going bar hopping with Amy Winehouse but complaining that she couldn’t keep up: it says more about you than her.

(I think I’m going to have to start reading these guys on a regular basis.

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