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I don’t believe in Karma, but…

…apparently I have some issues.

108 degrees yesterday here in the Ratlands.  The compressor went out on my air conditioner at work.  Everyone else’s is still working fine.  I came home last night to find our air conditioner went out here at home as well.  Again.  I am not best pleased.

I’ve heard folks yapping about this weather as evidence of global warming.  Please.  While we may indeed be in a period of global warming, a few hot days isn’t direct evidence of such.  In 1980 (only a few years after we were told we were all headed for another ice age because of global cooling) we had 30+ days in a row of 100+ degree temperatures here.  (I’m a little fuzzy on the exact number because I wasn’t here.  I spent the summer working on a dude ranch in the mountains in Colorado.)

Basically, I hot.  I’m tired. I’m cranky.  And I’m not in the mood to listen to some enviro-utopian whine (on their blog on the internet or in an interview on TV, the irony of which seems to escape them) about how our technologically and industrially advanced lifestyle is killing the planet.

I’ve said before that I wouldn’t mind a simpler, greener lifestyle, but it better have 900 channels on cable and broadband internet access.

And air conditioning.

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