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Spring Housecleaning, pt. 2

Since I’ve been tinkering tonight, I decided to go ahead and copy the Stupid Criminal tricks material to Ratlands.  There is a link in the sidebar now.  There are only 4 stories at the moment.  I remember that when I was writing them I had (and still have) several more in the works, but I got bogged down trying to figure out if there was a statute of limitations on a couple of things I may or may not have done which may or may not have been, shall we say, unfortunate, and for which I would not want to go to prison if I had allegedly committed said unfortunate acts which I might or might not have been involved with and/or might or might not have had any actual knowledge of and for which the statute of limitations may or may not have run out, depending on what the definition of  “is” is.

The stories are hyperlinked with some background material on the people and places involved.  I think they are all working and linked to the correct material.  If anyone finds errors, I’d appreciate you letting me know.  Meanwhile, I’m working on one that does not involve any “dubious” activity on my part.

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