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Oops, I missed it.

I intended to celebrate Earth Hour by being contrarian, but I missed it altogether. I’m thinking I should get a pass, however, as we have a TV on nearly 24 hours a day (the Head Rat uses it for a night light – a necessary precaution as vertigo + darkness is a dangerous combination). I figure I’ve more than made up for any little bit of energy I might not have used by not remembering to turn on a couple extra lights for an hour.

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  1. Rat jr.No Gravatar | March 29, 2009 at 1:09 am | Permalink

    You know, I celebrated Earth hour at Denny’s having my favorite thing on the menu, Vegetable Beef Soup. The living room light was left on.
    On top of that, we are staying up late to write (me on a novel, not a fanfic or an rp, an actual novel, and Punkbutt is working on a screen play) and then we are going to watch two movies. And OMG she wants to watch Gone With the Wind AGAIN! YUS!

    Oh and one of my internet Rp buddies who Amanda and I adopted as our little brother is now on my Shit list. He got to meet Travis Willingham, the Voice Actor for Roy Mustang. He actually met him and spoke to him. GRRRRRRRR! I told this little friend of mine that he had better be in the Miniskirt army or I would kick his butt and send bad health cookies to him.

    Okay the cookie thing: We send magical healing cookies to each other when either of us is sick. I know it’s silly.


    On a positive note, I got a new lighter today with a Panda and if Amanda steals it I’ll lock her in a cage and drop the key in the CDA lake.

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