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Is that the Weatherman?

At some point during the summer here in Kansas, most of us just quit watching the weather on TV. There’s no point. The forecast is always the same: 100 degrees plus or minus 3 or 4 (usually plus), 20 mph wind from the southwest and a chance of rain sometime next week. Except that by next week the chance of rain will have evaporated and the next chance of rain will be the following week. We know to tune in during the 3rd week in September (around the time of the State Fair) to see when the first cool front of the fall is going to move through and break the heat of summer. It doesn’t always work this way, but it has most of my 45+ years here.

Meanwhile on the home front, My internet connection is worse today than yesterday. I’ve kicked Rat Jr. off and am running out of Linux. The connection isn’t any faster with Linux, but Linux is seems more persistent. It just keeps uploading a few packets until it finishes. In Windows, the operation times out. I’ve already lost this post once tonight. It was a lot funnier and was riddled with elegant turns of phase the first time I wrote it. But, I guess you’ll have to settle for this.

The thermometer says it is still 100 degrees outside at 7:38 PM. It is well over 80 in here, as my air conditioner seems to be on the fritz, AGAIN. On the brighter side, I’m pretty sure none of you are “sock puppetting” me*.

(*actually, the proper verb is apparently “to greenwald”. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get more than 5 pages loaded in the last half hour, so I can’t track down the link to where I saw it.)

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