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Saturday Night link dump

The Head Rat printed a couple of my recent posts and took them to her sister’s a few days ago.  Apparently none of my in-laws (except my neice) were aware that I have this regrettable blogging affliction.  My sister-in-law was genuinely surprised that I follow politics.  I was surprised that she was surprised.  Then I realized that other than with a few individuals who are known quantities, I don’t ever talk politics in public.  I regularly think politics in public, I have just learned not to open my mouth.  Anyway, I don’t really have any commentary tonight, but I do have a couple of thing I’d like to pass on.

First, a couple of Quotes of the Day, so to speak.

From P.O.W. in the People’s Republic of California,

We often call politicians “leaders.” The fact of the matter is most politicians couldn’t lead a fat man to a jelly donut.

Jonah Golberg, with a Mark Steyn quote thrown in,

Meanwhile, the White House has announced that prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will no longer be called “enemy combatants.” No word yet on what the new term will be. No doubt the poetic euphony of “man-caused disasters” and “overseas contingency operations” sets a very high bar for Obama’s Office of Euphemism Generation. But surely “Men Prone to Disaster Causation” or “Overseas Counter-Contingency Operators” are the most obvious choices. My friend Mark Steyn, however, suggests going another way: “Future Facebook Friends.”

Finally, go read this from I am Simon Jester.


Back already?  (Decided to skip the “reading it” part?  Shame on you.  Go.  Go now.  I’ll still be here when you get back.  Really.  It’s important.)


OK.  One can not stress enough that this is the future of all health care in America.  Most people I’ve talked to about it just assume that nationalized health insurance will be just like they’ve got now, only free.  And you just can’t make them understand that that simply isn’t the way government works.  It can’t.  It is structurally impossible.  But, that isn’t an argument you are likely to win when talking to someone who thinks there isn’t anything government can’t do.  (Or worse, that there’s nothing government shouldn’t do.)

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