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Dog Blogging. Again.

Kali is a miniature Dachshund.  When we got her, the Head Rat thought she needed something to play with, so (among other things) she gave Kali a small stuffed bear to chew on, toss around, do the “tug-of-war” thing with, etc.  In relatively short order, the dog had ripped the bear open and started eating the stuffing.  So, we took it away from her and the Head Rat gave her another one.  Again, in relatively short order, the stuffed animal was ripped to shreds and the stuffing scattered all over the house.  So, we took it away from her and the Head Rat found something else for Kali to play with.  This one is holding up much better.  It is much more dense and seems to be stitched better.  It is about 11 inches long and heavier than the other toys, so the dog has to work harder to flip it back and forth.

Unfortunately, it’s a baby doll.

Me:  The dog is thrashing a doll around the living room.

Head Rat:  Yeah.  She really likes it, and it’s holding up better than the stuffed bears.

Me:  It’s essentially a replica of a human baby.

Head Rat:  And?

Me:  Is there some reason why we would need to train a miniature dachshund to maul small children?

Head Rat:  Oh.

Me:  …

Head Rat:  I think it’ll be OK.  She’s afraid of real children.

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  1. Rat jr.No Gravatar | April 25, 2009 at 5:44 am | Permalink

    OMFG ROLFLMAO! Wow, I’m so printing this and putting it in my scrap book!!!!

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