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Quote of the Day

There is a nice post over at Q and O today about the Obama camp backpedaling on environmental regulations.

In particular, there was a lot of fuss when the EPA classified polar bears as endangered due to their “disappearing habitat”.  (Politically correct, but demonstrably false, since their numbers are actually increasing.)  Environmentalists went all weak in the knees and semi-orgasmic since they thought they had a tool (given the assumption that carbon dioxide output from human use of fossil fuels is the cause of global warming and therefore the “endangerment” of polar bears) to force the Government to wreck all of our lives the way they wanted it to be done.  The Bush administration issued a ruling that this designation of “endangered species” could not be used to impact activities that take place significantly outside the natural range of the polar bears like the production of greenhouse gasses.

Environmentalists expected the Obama administration to rescind that rule, thereby allowing lawsuits to force drastic reductions in CO2 output.  Imagine the reaction when the Secretary of the Interior said they were going to leave the rule in place.

McQ’s comment:

The usual suspects, of course, are livid – but then they spend most of their life livid.

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