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New CAFE regulations:  A very good post on why “regulating to the mean” punishes folks who aren’t near the mean.  Yes, I know that sounds dry, but the post is about why the new mileage regulations are counterproductive and punish those of us who don’t drive that much under normal circumstances.

My situation mirrors that of Coyote.  I drive an ’06 Ford pickup. I fill up the tank on payday and rarely ever get gas before the next payday two weeks later.  If I drove 50-60 miles per day commuting to work like the average driver, I probably wouldn’t drive a pickup.  But, I drive less than 5 miles a day most days.  My gas mileage is effectively irrelevant.  However, because of the new regulations, it is unlikely that I will be able to buy a vehicle that suits me next time around and I will pay about $1500 more for the privilege of getting stuck with a cramped piece of crap I don’t like and don’t want because somebody in Washington thinks we should drive more fuel efficient vehicles.

By the way, why is it anyone’s damn business (especially anyone in D.C.) what I drive.  If I chose to drive a vehicle that got 4 miles to the gallon and chose to make the economic choices necessary to allow me to do so, why is it anyone else’s business.  This crap about running out of oil, reducing emissions, etc. is all a bunch of disingenuous crap to cover the fact that the folks who want to tell me what I can or can’t drive just don’t like big cars with powerful motors because they, in some way, imply a certain human arrogance in the face of Nature.

Damn straight, skippy.  And if you don’t have enough loyalty to the species to put our interests first I cordially invite you to help your friends, the animals by killing yourself and removing your self-satisfied, smarmy, smug carbon footprint from the equation.  That will atone for my eco-sins quite nicely.   I’ll feel better,  you’ll be making a worthwhile contribution (hopefully you will have neglected to reproduce prior to checking out) and I’m pretty sure the critters won’t give a rat’s ass either way.  Win, win, win!

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