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What if the hokey pokey IS what it’s all about?

Well, it could be, right?

As an explanation for one’s actions, it makes about as much sense as wrecking the economy, crippling industry, weakening the military, encouraging our enemies, intruding in our private lives, telling us what we can eat, what we can drink, what we can drive, how often to flush, rewarding failure and punishing success and calling it “fixing America.”

It just occurred to me that the Hokey Pokey, apparently written in the 1940’s, with it’s emphasis on pointless activity and assurance that said pointless activity is truly significant, may have actually been a coded Marxist plan for future generations, now revealed in it’s uncoded form, the “Hopey Changey”.

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  1. Ken BuchananNo Gravatar | May 28, 2009 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

    Did you know that hokey-pokey is what they used to call ice cream that was sold by street vendors? Not real sure why… maybe because their product was hokey and their speed was pokey?
    Here’s a thought:
    Pokey is a slang term for a jail. Hokey can also mean phony (as in we lock people out instead of locking people in).
    Given that having a job is extremely important in these hopey-changey times, the hokey-pokey (for me at least) really is “what it’s all about”. 😉

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