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Now that you mention it…

I haven’t been posting much lately.  The Head Rat’s twin sister has been in the hospital, the Head Rat and I have both been fighting some kind of cold or virus or something, I’ve got a number of pending issues at work, and, if I (for some unfathomable reason) must be honest, I finally succumbed to Rat Jr’s badgering (since Christmas) and I finally tried playing Guild Wars.

I hate that child.  The last thing I needed was a potentially unlimited online game to suck the few precious free moments of my life away from me.

On the other hand, bashing critters with my Hammer of Fortitude is kind of relaxing…

Anyway, I let over 400 posts pile up in my RSS aggregator.  I tried catching up, and then finally said to hell with it, marked them all “read”, cleared the aggregator and resolved to start fresh.  Unfortunately, the Kansas news is all over the Tiller murder (the same way it was all over the BTK thing a while back) and since I won’t be hearing anything but the Tiller murder for the forseeable future, I have no real desire to delve into it right now.  And it has featured prominently on a number of the web sites I have in the aggregator, so I guess the “starting fresh” thing will have to be started fresh tomorrow or the next day.

I did take the time to take this current events quiz (via the Agitator).  You might want to hurry on that one, as it may be updated regularly.  I’m feeling reasonably good about it, as I got 11 of 12 right, which puts one in the 82nd percentile.  For what it’s worth, I screwed up the question about Afganistan troop strength.

And then, the item that inspired the title of this post:  Now that you mention it, he does have a point.

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