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Weird Break

Well, boys and girls, I’ve got a bit of a break in what has been about the ugliest week I’ve had for quite a while.  The turning 50 part didn’t bother me.  Being repeatedly told I am the quintessential embodiment of evil (repeatedly, at volume) didn’t bother me either.  But having it happen while running on 2-3 hours sleep for the last 4 days to accommodate my own training attendance and the schedules and locations of those who were so kind as to remind me (repeatedly, at volume) of my inherent nature has been a bit much.  That, coupled with the realization that my parents, who are both 81, will probably both die before I retire and/or get my priorities straight and that I am neither being any help to them nor learning anything/enjoying the time we have sort of twisted me up a bit.  Call it a bit of self-indulgent, personal mortality reflection, an example of fatigue-driven self-pity, or a purely rational self-assessment on the occasion of my having reached middle age (I’m planning to live to 100), it has been weird no matter how you cut it.

The crowning glory of this veritable festival of the surreal has been the addition of a new computer to the Ratlands digital device inventory.  The Head Rat (whose previous experience has been a lovehate/hate relationship with all things computer related, with the noteable exceptions of online shopping and lolcats) suddenly decided weshe needed a laptop, which was shopped for, ordered, and which duly arrived this week.

I hate Vista (just thought I’d mention that and get it out of the way).

Seems like a pretty nice computer: 300 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM, etc.  She seems to have done a pretty good job of shopping.  I could do without the 64-bit Vista, but I guess we’ll suffer through.  Unfortunately Vista doesn’t seem to want to play nicely with my router.  It would perhaps have played a bit more nicely if I had realized that there was a wireless adapter switch on the side of the computer that needed to be turned on, but as it happens, it didn’t matter, as nice is apparently a relative term.

In order to have internet access, I decided to use a cable for a direct link to the router, but I couldn’t get that to work either.  It turns out that plugging the ethernet cable into the dial-up phone jack isn’t terribly effective and results in repeated “ethernet cable disconnected” messages.

So, here we sit, both of us at the table while I try to write and the Head Rat tries to install software.

Great Googely-moogely.

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