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Best Idea I’ve heard this month

I’ve said something similar in the past.  I just didn’t take it to its logical conclusion.  And I’m not funny.  (My apologies to Frank J. at IMAO for the substantial excerpt.  Frank, if you wrote crap filler around the good parts I wouldn’t excerpt the whole thing…)

This whole Sanford mess reminds me of the main problem with politics: Politicians. Apparently, normal people don’t want to go into politics, so we mainly gets weirdos.


Here’s my idea: Kidnapping.

The biggest red flag that you may have picked the wrong person for a political position is if the person wants it. Unfortunately, our current system only elects weirdos who want to be politicians. Instead, we we should find candidates from business and industry and just chloroformed them and have them wake up behind a mayor’s desk or something. Then he’d be like, “Wh-what’s going on here? Who’s in charge?”

And we’d be like, “You are!”

And he’d be like, “Noooooo! I have useful things to do! I can’t be a politician!”

And we’d be like, “We don’t care!” And then we’d threaten his family to get him to comply. You’ve all threatened families before; you know how that works.

Anyway, doesn’t that sound like a smarter system?

(emphasis mine)

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