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Winding Down

We’re winding down a bit here in the Ratlands.  We spent yesterday at my parents’ house in the company of my sister, brother-in-law and my nephew.  My sister and her family live in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Apparently the good folks of Lincoln (or perhaps all of Nebraska) don’t cotton much to fireworks.  Consequently the Nephew, who is about 10, has never had firecrackers or any of the other good stuff I grew up with.  He and his dad went pretty much berserk.  I have no idea how much money they spent, but they were busy all day long with the firecrackers and well into the night with the night-time goodies.  The nephew was so excited he tried to convince his parents they need to buy a small house in Kansas so they can come down and do fireworks every year.

For my part, I helped with some of the firecrackers, but missed most of the night display.  Kali seemed to be doing OK with the noise early in the day, but along toward evening the constant explosions got to be too much.  I spent most of the evening inside, with the dog on my lap and a pillow over the dog’s head.  The Head Rat and I traded off for a bit, so I got to see my share, and it was a rather pleasant evening, even with the dog and pillow combination.

I’m heading in to work later tonight, but I thought I would drop a link or two on you:

I stumbled on this thread on Metafilter about the best ethnic cookbooks.

While looking at the thread I decided to check out this one.  I’m thinking cold soba noodles and dipping sauce sounds like a pretty good meal when it’s hot.

Other interesting links:

Get ready to be taxed on the number of miles you drive.

Get ready for the Feds to tell you how many trees you have to have around your house and how far they have to be from other things you have to have on your property.

Get ready NOT to hear how the EPA’s Senior Operations Research Analyst poked holes in the Global Warming theory in 4 days.  I don’t suppose any of the MSM have given this any air time.

Finally, Coyote explains why the Right to Vote is not the most important thing our forefathers fought and died for (and the 3 ideas that are).

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