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Butter Police

More snow today, although not as much as predicted, but it has been a mess at work. I’ve been catching bits and pieces of the news here and there. The Democrats who are left seem to be competing to see who is the best “Not-Bush”. Whoever wins should probably use that song about “Not-Bush City Limit” as their campaign theme song. (Oh, wait. That was Nutbush, wasn’t it. Sorry about that. Like I mentioned before, I often have a hard time with song lyrics.)

I’ve previously written about the budget problems the Kansas legislature is facing this time. It appears a forgone conclusion that they are going to have to raise taxes. In the middle of all that, someone thinks it would be a good idea to spend money to legislate healthier eating habits. OK. That’s not quite true. They want to spend money to try to influence us to eat better. I’m just thrilled that we can’t find anything better to do with my money that to tell me I’m not eating right. I know I’m not eating right.

This is one of those examples of people who don’t have anything better to do trying to spend my money to make me a better person. I resent that. Frankly, I’m reasonably happy with who and what I am, and if at some point I decide I’m not, then I will take, of my own volition, whatever steps I personally feel are appropriate. I do not need someone with no life of their own and whose only hobby is minding other people’s business to make those decisions for me. It’s sort of like smoking. When I was young, they banned tobacco advertising on TV. Now I am bombarded by anti-tobacco “Public Service” announcements about how bad smoking is and how evil the tobacco companies are (during which I feel obligated to light up, even if I wasn’t planning to have another cigarette). Then, someone bans smoking in public buildings. Then, someone bans smoking in private. Surely not, you say? Try Georgia, where they are considering a bill which would make it illegal to smoke in your car if you have a child in the car with you, unless you have the windows rolled down.

So I’m watching these busy-bodies in Topeka drool all over themselves at the thought of spending my money to tell folks to improve their eating habits and it all becomes clear. We start this “Public Service” campaign. It won’t take nearly as much, because we’ve been softened up by years of anti-tobacco propaganda. Then we ban certain kinds of food in cafes and diners because it is bad for you. Then we make it illegal to super-size your fries. Then we make it illegal under any circumstances to feed certain foods to children. Then, using their newly acquired police powers gained under the provisions of the Patriot Act IX, the Butter Police break into your home and arrest you for child abuse because you fed junior a fudgesicle.

OK, its a far-fetched and poorly written example of the “slippery-slope” argument, but even so, it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about spending money that needs to go somewhere else on a campaign to make us all better people.

It occurs to me that this is more rant-like than I had intended. Perhaps I’m just cranky because I’m hungry. I guess I’ll go downstairs and have a cigarette while I fix myself some hot links smothered in barbecue sauce. While its still legal…

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