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Personal Folly

One of my passions is Football (my fellow Americans should read that as: Soccer). I currently have a cable package that includes Fox Sports World so I get to see English, Scottish, German, Spanish, Argentine and Brazilian Football when I have the time. I’m not one of those guys who memorizes every player’s stats or anything like that. I just like football.

This is Fe’lan. (My daughter named her. She’s got a thing for names with apostrophes in them). I’m not really a cat person, but Fe’lan (pronounced fee-lawn, sort of) is my football buddy. She likes a good, wide-open game with lots of crosses from the sides so that the ball gets lots of air time and she can try to bat it with her paw. She is partial to the English Premier League, but in this picture she has successfully knocked the ball out of play in the highlights of what I think was an English First Division game.

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