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Profile: Little House on the Pavement

The Little House on the Pavement is the name I use for an adult halfway house I worked at early in my career. It was designed to deal primarily with guys coming out of Federal Prison, although we did have a few Federal Probation clients. It was located in an old residential neighborhood on a street which in pre-interstate days had been the main highway through town. The area also had a number of small “mom-and-pop” motels left over from the days when it had been a high traffic area. Consequently it was, at the time, where you went if you wanted to pick up a hooker. The Little House had a big front porch where in the summer, the clients and I spent many hours (I was working second shift at the time) watching the hookers trolling for johns, the johns trolling for hookers, and the cops trying to bust and/or run off both groups.

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