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Profile: Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave was a client at JuvyDinks R Us. Dave was really a pretty decent kid. He was a bit “slow,” but as he made fools of us a number of times, I’m not sure what that really means. None of my ‘Dave’ stories are really “stupid criminal” stories; Dave may have been slow, but he wasn’t stupid. I just include them because they are strange.

I think Dave turned out OK. I ran into him a few years after he graduated from the boys home, sometime in the early 80’s. I was working at the Little House on the Pavement for just a bit over minimum wage ($4.00 an hour I think). Dave had gotten a job working full time doing floors at one of the local hospitals. He was making $8.00 an hour, had picked up a part-time job at another hospital doing the same thing, and had just bought a house…

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