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Party Time

Well, boys and girls, it’s party time.  Time to celebrate Comrade Lenin’s birthday.

I’ve never actually found anyone who could confirm that Earth Day was deliberately  set up on Lenin’s birthday, but then, you really wouldn’t want the sheeple who recycle stuff that is not economically viable to recycle ( and therefore has to be subsidized) and who tingle all over at the thought of using renewable energy like wind power (without stopping to realize it has to be subsidized) and drool all over their “clean” electric cars (which also get subsidized and are primarily powered by coal, because that’s where most of your electricity comes from), to realize that the Environmental movement is just another system employed by people who are sure they are smarter and more enlightened than you, to make you live the way they think you should live.  For your own good, of course.

But hey, what’s a little Virtue Signalling amongst friends, right? So, party on…

As for me, I wouldn’t have participated in any of the festivities anyway (I’m anti-social like that), but I’ve been sick so the level of my active Vice Signalling non-participation was somewhat muted.  I did manage to bake sourdough bread this weekend and release some hydrocarbons into the atmosphere when I smoked some cheese.

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A Viable Alternative

I lost all of my bookmarks several months ago when the best of my computers (yes, I have several, and a couple of them actually work) crashed.  Still haven’t had the time, money, or inclination to rebuild it or transfer the hard drives.  Anyway, one of the down-sides of using a blog feed aggregator is that you don’t actually visit the web sites; the aggregator imports the articles for you to read.  It’s all quite convenient and saves a lot of time if you read material from a lot of different sources.  It also means you (or at least I) read the material and pay less attention to the source.  And, paying less attention to the source means that when I crash my computer I can’t remember all the really cool websites I’ve been reading, especially the guys who post irregularly (who often have the best, most well thought-out material).

Slowly, over the last few weeks, I’ve been re-tracing my internet steps (so-to-speak) and re-discovering some of my favorites.  I’ve been taking my time, because every time I find an old favorite, I read the last two or three months of their posts to get a feel for what I’ve missed.  It takes a while.

Yesterday I found The Silicon Graybeard again.  Damn.

A month or so ago he posted this:

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A few thoughts on Gun Control (Worth a Thousand Words edition)

from Freedom is Just Another Word via IMAO

as is this one:

You really ought to check out both sites.  I’m currently in the middle of reading back through the past few weeks on Freedom is Just Another Word.

An obvious lack of original thought

…on my part.  This stuff is clever, as usual.

New Liberal Flag

Counter-intuitive, but true

Love Trumps Hate

Because this is something you might need to know

From xkcd

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A treatment for Depression and Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Mushrooms.  As in “Magic Mushrooms”.  As in hallucinogenic Mushrooms.

Well, actually, psilocybin.

About 80 percent of cancer patients showed clinically significant reductions in both psychological disorders, a response sustained some seven months after the single dose. Side effects were minimal.

(‘both disorders’ being Depression and Anxiety – cziltang)

As one might expect, researchers don’t really have a clue as to why this works.  One theory is that the effect is a result of the fact that psilocybin quiets activity in the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain in which increased activity is associated with depression.  Another theory is that the positive, mystical experience interrupts the self-absorbed thinking that is usually present in depressed people.  Another idea is that the experience creates a sort of “reverse PTSD”; an experience so positive and mystical that it leaves a lasting impression.

Obviously, this isn’t party animals doing ‘shrooms randomly.  It is done in a controlled setting with an emphasis on introspection.  To me, the interesting part of the results is that the magnitude of the mystical experience correlated with the degree to which the symptoms were reduced.

via Isegoria




How did this happen?

If you still can’t believe that President Trump (gosh that was fun to write and yes, I wrote it deliberately hoping someone who reads this is triggered and has to retreat to a Safe Space with their blanky) is, in fact, the legally elected, legitimate President of the United States and you just can’t understand how it could have happened, I offer this bit of illumination.

(via Isegoria)

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Drinking Problem

Liberals have a drinking problem.

Death of Civility (again)

When Kevin at The Smallest Minority is moved to write something big, it is well worth your time to read it.  If you don’t get why there is a fundamental difference in the world view, rhetoric, and perceived acceptable actions of Leftists and Conservatives, (or worse, don’t get that there IS a fundamental difference) take a couple of minutes and read this one.

And once again “political civility” is on the tongues of the media talking heads, and the waves of incivility are being blamed on Trump’s supposed legions of hatey-hatemonger racist homo-xeno-gender-phobes in a renewed ” ‘Shut up,’ they explained” campaign. Never mind the actual evidence.

Go read the whole thing.

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