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An alternate wording

AKA: let me fix that for you.

I was perusing Facebook a couple of days ago (yes, I know it was a mistake, but sometimes I just can’t help myself) when I noticed one of those slogan/graphic thingys on the wall of one of my left-leaning facebook friends.  It said:

“small government” is fascist dog whistle for “More Corporate Control”

I was tempted to reply with the following:

Clever.  High buzzword content.  Rings all the right bells in certain circles.  Factually inaccurate, though, as “small government” and “fascist” are, by definition, mutually exclusive.

I didn’t post it.  No sense harshing someone’s mellow over something as petty and inconsequential as accuracy.  Especially since the leftist narrative has incorrectly equated “fascist” with “right-wing” for so long you can’t convince them otherwise.  It did, however, suggest the following alternate slogan:

“fascist” is leftist dog whistle for “anyone we don’t like”

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Without further comment

As none is necessary.  From Hope n’ Change

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Feeling Threatened QOTD

From IMAO:

I don’t get the Starbucks thing; how can you be threatened by a guy drinking a pumpkin spice latte even if he is openly carrying a gun?

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Disclaimer:   This is pure opinion.  No documentation, no links, just raw opinion.  Feel free to ingore.  Your mileage may vary.  Use at your own risk.

I have always had a finely developed sense of impending doom.  Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I lived in a constant state of fear that the Cold War would get heated up and I would die in a nuclear Armageddon or the ensuing nuclear winter.‡    With the collapse of the Soviet Union, that fear diminished.  Then came 9/11.

I believe that 9/11 occurred because we were perceived by the world as weak, spineless, and without the stomach for the action necessary for killing the bastards responsible and everyone associated with them effective retaliation and neutralization in an asymmetrical war.  In large part, I think we demonstrated otherwise.

But, here we are, 12 years later, and no amount of groping by the TSA, domestic surveillance by the NSA, the Patriot Act, and all the other losses of freedom and privacy has made us any safer.  In spite of the inconveniences, indignities and intrusions we can’t even keep tabs on a couple of Chechen terrorists we were warned about by our allies.  Our military acted in good faith, tried to accomplish the mission of making us safer (argue all you want about whether it was the right mission, the right response, etc.) and our sons and daughters have paid the price in blood, limbs, and lives.   All of that has been a waste, because we are perceived by the world as weak, spineless, and without the stomach for the action necessary.

Why?  Because our Dear Leader doesn’t understand:

  • that making us the Great Santa doesn’t mean a significant portion of the world doesn’t still see us as the Great Satan
  • that other than on the east and west coasts of this country and in Western Europe, most of the world sees concession as a sign of weakness
  • that for most of the world, negotiation is perceived as a lack of resolve
  • that what he perceives as sophisticated, nuanced diplomacy is perceived by most of the rest of the world as spinelessness.  Our President acts and speaks as if he believes the rest of the world plays by the same set of enlightened, evolved rules he affects to by playing by

In short, we are less safe now than we were twelve years ago because, whether through stunning hubris and stupendous incompetence or as a deliberate act to reduce the stature of the country, our Dear Leader has given away any progress we might have made.  The worst part is that we will have even less liberty, even less privacy and will be even less safe a year from now.

That finely developed sense of impending doom of mine seems a lot less like paranoia and a lot more like a rational assessment of the situation on the ground with each passing day.

‡Of course, I also slept with my arms at my sides for fear that an alien in a passing UFO would interpret some random arm position as the intergalactic version of the finger…

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From Jonah Goldberg:

Sure, today’s liberalism does carry within it some genetic lineage to the classical liberalism — i.e., libertarianism — of J.S. Mill and John Locke. But genetic ties are overrated. After all, humans share half of our genes with bananas. (Look it up.)


Well, this is embarrassing.

I”ve been away from Ratlands so long that I forgot the login password.

I’ve been busy, but not that busy.  I’ve just been unable to bring myself to write about politics.  Longtime reader, former co-worker, and friend, Larry e-mailed me about 6 weeks ago summarizing his assessment of our (then) current situation.  While I agree with pretty much everything he had to say, I couldn’t even bring myself to reply.  In particular, I was struck by how much I feel, as Larry said,

…as if I am standing on the train tracks and that I hear the train coming…but no one else does.

That pretty much sums it up.

But, a couple of things have happened in the past couple of months that may have altered my world and this blog.

First, I’ve “gone Galt.”  I realized that I’m probably not going to get the jobs I’ve been training for, and while we need more money than I’d like, we need much less than we were accustomed to.  I’ve decided to work only enough to get by and save my energy for things I want to do.  If I ever make a significant amount of money again, it won’t be in government or the corporate world. A side effect of that decision is that I’m much less concerned about who might find my words offensive.

Second, I’ve gotten angry.  It’s been building for some time.

I honestly don’t know where this will all end up, but at least it has the potential to be entertaining.  At least for me.



Your point?

Up til now, I’ve had the good sense to stay out of the Martin/Zimmerman discussion.  I didn’t follow the media hype.  I didn’t follow the trial.  I figured it was a foregone conclusion that since our “moral and intellectual superiors” determined Zimmerman was guilty (apparently of having a “white-sounding” name) the fix was in and he would be convicted.

Well, weird stuff happens sometimes, and sometimes people just don’t play along with the official narrative.  A president who was interested in leading a truly “post-racial” America would have stayed out of it.  A president who was determined to capitalize on black identity politics and liberal white guilt would have tried to stir the pot.  Guess which one ours did?

So anyway, I probably should have stayed out of it, but my corrections background warped me to the point that I just can’t.  So here’s a cartoon from Hope n’ Change cartoons.:


“Because that dude is a straight up hard core operator… “

I don’t really know how to describe this.  Larry Correia (Monster Hunter International) got involved in a discussion about shutting down PBS last year.  Mr. Correia interjected some information about Cookie Monster’s days as a mercenary a ways into the discussion.  You just have to read the whole thing.

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A more appropriate response








I didn’t give this the attention it deserved last night.  As the original post is disappearing “below the fold” so to speak, here’s a link.


15 minutes of fame

Welcome to anyone who happens to be wandering by here from IMAO.  It would, of course, be better if I had any actual new content for you to read.

Instead, I’ve got this picture I took of the wall above the urinal in the men’s bathroom at the institution of (allegedly) higher learning I’m currently attending:

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