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It sounds so inocuous

In case you haven’t been paying attention (like me) for whatever reason (I live in an apartment and have no intention of buying a house in the foreseeable future) there is considerable talk now of a foreclosure moratorium.  Give home buyers who are in over their heads a bit of breathing room.  Prevent the greedy […]

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If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you always got

Looks like Freddie and Fannie are going to need another bailout. The only certainty in the real estate market is that if the government continues to use Fannie and Freddy (which are now 80% government owned) to “spread the wealth around” by providing housing above people’s ability to pay for it, the market will crash […]

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A feeble attempt at getting back in the game

A few links of potential interest: Animated currency route of travel tracking map. Feel like bailing out mismanaged union pension funds? No, me neither, but apparently Congress does. Don’t feel up to going to (or can’t get to) the doctor’s office for that sinus infection you’ve been putting up with for days?  How about an […]

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The Sunday Night “Drink the Kool-aid” link-fest

According to my mother, my sister and her husband bought a SmartCar.  I don’t know why (although, I am not above some snarky speculation), but I’m sure my nephew will just love driving to school in a used moped-with-a-roof in a few years.  I guess my brother-in-law is driving it to work now.  I’ll be […]

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A small reminder

There’s a small post at dispatches from TJICistan pointing out that the recipients of the $700 billion bailout have spent a fair amount of it on federal lobbying.  GM in particular has spent $2.8 million on their lobbying effort during the first quarter. TJIC’s point: This is only surprising if you don’t understand the fundamental […]

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GM fixedness update

My GM stock is now worth $1.71 per share. Might have something to do with GM being told to get the bankruptcy paperwork ready. I sure am glad our Dear Leader took the time to work all of this out.  I mean, wow, what a bold, innovative plan: throw tons of money at them and […]

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GM fixedness update

For all of you out there who are losing sleep over the Ratlands IRA portfolio, I just thought I would mention that GM has now been fixed down to $1.93 per share. That’s another $.16 on top of the previously mentioned fixedness. But I feel really good about the warranty thing.

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GM is “fixed”

After a couple of days of stock market rallies, I though I’d check to see how “fixed” my GM stock currently is. Yup.  Now worth $2.09.  Fixed to the tune of another -$.61.

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Some food for thought

(via SDA)

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So, the GM stock I bought a couple of years ago at $32.95 is worth $2.70 today ($2.67 in after-hours trading).  That’s a 92% loss in value.  Not, I must say, all Obama’s fault, although after yesterday, I’m pretty sure my investment is going to be absolutely worthless.  The funny part is that I considered […]

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